The Education Privacy Resource Center

FERPA|Sherpa – named after the core federal law that governs education privacy – is the education privacy resource center. FERPA|Sherpa’s resource search center allows you to search by audience type (like “parents”), type of resource (like “1-2 Pager”), and/or tags (like “Parental Rights” or “Surveillance”), and also has pages with specific information and guidance for parentsstudentseducatorsK-12 and higher ed officials, ed tech, and policymakers. Also check out our blog, which features a variety of perspectives from leading education privacy practitioners and advocates. FERPA|Sherpa is a project of the Future of Privacy Forum (FPF).

Who We Are

FERPA|Sherpa is primarily operated by FPF’s Education Policy Counsel, Amelia Vance. Amelia leads FPF’s work to ensure the responsible use of student data and education technology in K-12 and Higher Education, helping educators with resources and information, and seeking inputs from all stakeholders to ensure students succeed. Specifically, Amelia leads FPF’s K-12, Higher Education, and K-12 Privacy Leaders Working Groups; runs and writes content for FERPA|Sherpa; tracks and provides comments on state and federal legislation; provides technical assistance to advocates, companies, and practitioners; presents at events, and writes op-eds, short pieces, and longer reports.

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