An Essential Guide to Data Security for Teachers

Organization: eLiM and Support Services for Education
Author: Ian Gover
Published: January 2, 2017

This is a guide for teachers in the United Kingdom, but is also likely applicable to teachers in the European Union as well. Schools by their very nature store a lot of data. This data can be very personal in nature, detailing medical and personal history as well as other aspects such as attainment and performance. The data stored about a learner is just as valuable as that stored about an adult. Whatever rules and procedures you would like around the data stored about you, should also apply to your pupils. The main driver behind Data Security must be the school. Schools are no different to other institutions and must make sure that policies and procedures are created and adhered to. They also have the responsibility to train and support staff in applying data security practices. This guide hopes to lead you through the laws, the issues and responsibilities so that we can all support schools in reaching the highest standards of Data Protection and Information Security.