Lessons Learned from Education Stakeholders: Panel Summary

Organization: National Academy of Education
Author: Bill Fitzgerald, Common Sense Media
Published: May 16, 2017

This panel summary from the Workshop on Big Data in Education: Balancing the Benefits of Educational Research and Student Privacy focused on articulating the tensions between the potential for research using big data and the privacy of people whose information make up data sets. The discussions surfaced several major themes; while these themes were not explicitly used as points of organization during the session, they help structure the major ideas that arose in dialogue. For each of these themes, a variety of opinions existed within the room, and in this summary differing opinions are included to represent contrasting viewpoints. Toward that end, this summary should be understood as a reporting of ideas that were covered, not as the group’s suggestions or areas where consensus was reached. This session was an environmental scan rather than a decisionmaking process, and the summary attempts to reflect this.