Implications of the General Data Protection Regulation

Organization: AACRAO, CASE, EDUCAUSE, Indiana University-Bloomington, National Student Clearinghouse, NFSA,
Author: Julia Funaki, Brian Flahaven, Joanna Grama, Mark McConahay, Mary Chapin, Tracy Locklin, Caroline Donovan White, Joann Ng Hartmann
Published: May 1, 2018

This document was the collaborative result by representatives from a wide array of professional higher education associations. Once all agreed on the primary provisions of interest, the group worked to develop information processing scenarios and exercises that would test the GDPR provisions in a higher educational context, discuss roles, considerations, and potential institutional responses to those provisions. The group was keenly aware that it could not offer legal advise to or on behalf specific institutions, but did wish to provide sufficient information to provoke informed thought surrounding the issues.