Protecting K-12 Student Privacy in a Digital Age

Organization: The Foundation for Excellence in Education
Author: Doug Levin and Neil Campbell
Published: December 1, 2015

Targeted to state policymakers and their advisors and grounded in new data commissioned by ExcelinEd on parent views about technology and student data privacy, the purpose of this paper is threefold:

  1. to shed light on the context for the privacy of student data as an issue and on parental concerns more specifically;
  2. to provide a brief review and analysis of the current federal and state legislative landscape regulating the collection and use of data about students; and,
  3. to suggest potential strategies for addressing outstanding parental and public concerns, including via the passage of new state legislation.

The paper concludes with recommendations of actions that various stakeholders – including state education agencies, school districts, parents, and companies – can take even in the absence of the passage of new legislation to improve student data privacy and security in the current K-12 context.