Student Data At Risk: A Multi-Tiered Approach For Massachusetts To Mitigate Privacy Risks While Utilizing Innovative Education Technology In Schools

Organization: Journal of High Technology Law
Author: Kaleigh C. Fitzpatrick
Published: April 1, 2016

This article will examine the current landscape surrounding student data privacy and provide recommendations specifically for Massachusetts to better protect students in this unprecedented era of technology. Section II provides a history of how and why cloud technology became so integrated in the school setting, along with an outline of the benefits and risks associated with that technology. In addition, this Section presents the current federal and state regulatory frameworks, specifically including an overview of the existing regulations in Massachusetts. Section III provides information on current developments across the country to strengthen and advance more comprehensive protections for student data with a particular focus on local efforts in Massachusetts. Section IV analyzes these efforts in Massachusetts, as compared to states across the country, within the context of overarching federal changes. Section V provides recommendations for Massachusetts to safeguard student data based on best practices and recent developments.