Student Data Protections Under SOPIPA For K-12 School Administrators and Ed Tech Vendors.

Organization: Future of Privacy Forum
Author: Brenda Leong (FPF), Linnette Attai (PlayWell LLC), Amelia Vance (NASBE), and David B. Rubin, Esq.
Published: November 1, 2016

This guide to California’s 2014 student privacy law, SOPIPA, is for ed tech vendors. Topics include:

  • Who Must Comply?
  • What is “Actual Knowledge”?
  • What are “K-12 School Purposes”?
  • What Information Is Protected Under SOPIPA (“Covered Information”)?
  • Specific Requirements of SOPIPA for Ed Tech Vendors
  • What is Targeted Advertising?
  • When Can an Operator Disclose Covered Information?
  • How Can Operators Use Student Information?
  • SOPIPA Rights for Students