for Service Providers

Some privacy debates about student data have focused on access to and use of data by vendors who provide schools with various services. Relying on vendors to handle a broad range of tasks inevitably requires schools to share students’ data. Vendors must recognize the sensitivity of certain student data and act responsibly by employing good practices and providing clear and transparent policies than engender trust with schools, parents, and students.

The Latest for Service Providers


Harvard Berkman Center FERPA Guide for Networked Technologies

“Cyberlaw Clinic Assistant Director, Dalia Topelson Ritvo, with the help of clinic students, Cyrstal Nwaneri and Makala Kaupalolo, published an updated guide to help K-12 schools navigate the federal laws that apply when introducing networked technologies both in and out of the classroom.”


Common Sense Media Privacy Evaluations

In an effort to better serve schools and protect student information Common Sense Media has created a browser that evaluates the privacy policies of educational service providers. Common Sense Media put an emphasis on the fact that these evaluations are not meant to measure risk but to highlight areas that may require further examination. “The privacy […]

Contract Signing

Student Data Privacy Consortium Creates Privacy Contract Framework

The Student Data Privacy Consortium (SDPC) powered by Access 4 Learning has developed a Privacy Contract Framework for schools and educational service providers. SDPC leveraged the work done by the Massachusetts Student Privacy Alliance (MSPA) to create a “common contract” for usage in school districts across the state. MSPA worked in collaboration with schools, districts, […]